The main activities of the company Žvalguva are wholesale and retail trading in agricultural seeds, mineral fertilizers, means of plant protection, supplemental specialized fertilizers as well as seed multiplication and production. The company’s services include: storing agrochemical products, packaging, transshipping, determination of crops quality, drying, sorting of seeds, dispatching, and consultations on agricultural plants growing.

The company Žvalguva was established in 1996. In order to become a marketable provider of production and services the company Žvalguva strives to guarantee high quality services to its customers with priority to farmers: it offers highest quality products and the latest information on seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, economically-grounded complex decisions. To foster long-term relations with customers the company Žvalguva takes constant care of the quality of its services by asking for and paying attention to the customers’ opinion. We believe that our advice and decisions help implement our vision – opening up possibility for our present and future customers to successfully develop business with us. One of the basic conditions of successful business development and cooperation is a reliable partner-supplier. The company Žvalguva is a representative of producers well-known in Lithuania and globally and supplies their agrochemical products and seeds to the farmers. The company Žvalguva works together with the company Agrospelta established in 2001.

The main activities of the company Agrospelta is trading in the crop. The company buys the crop of rape, wheat, barley and other cereals from the growers. Fast and responsible determination of crop quality is performed and supervised in our elevators using modern equipment and technologies; the crop is prepared to meet the standard trading indices. The company Agrospelta trades with Lithuanian and foreign buyers and processors of the crop.

Our virtues are simplicity, openness, flexibility and care. Dear customers, we are waiting for You wishing to help You and looking for long-term mutual improvement and cooperation.