The company Žvalguva has gained valuable experience trading in a variety of sorts of various seeds of cereals and grasses, therefore it can recommend the best and most productive and perspective sorts of cereals and forage crops. Our managers-agronomists will help You choose the sorts of crop meeting Your wishes and expectations.

As the company Žvalguva cooperates with the most progressive foreign seed-breeding companies it constantly supplies the market with the latest and technologically most progressive sorts of cultures leading our customers straight to success!

In order to guarantee the seed quality of the main crops as well as their sufficient quantity we produce and certify all the seeds in Šeduva seed-producing line of the company Žvalguva, thus offering farms seeds of all cereals and oil-bearing plants multiplied in Lithuania.
The company Žvalguva can offer You the following sorts of cultures meeting the highest quality requirements:

  • winter and summer wheat,
  • winter and summer rape,
  • summer barley,
  • winter and summer triticale,
  • beans, peas.

The list includes only the species of greatest relevance we trade in. To get more information, please, refer to the contacts listed at the bottom of the page or to our regional managers.

We trade in the products of the following manufacturers:

For more information about the products
Head of seed business
Rolandas Eirošius
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